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Deep tissue

In a Deep Tissue massage the focus is more to bring a change in the structure of the body, such as increased range of motion or injury healing, and less about relaxation. Muscles are warmed up with swedish techniques and then pressure is gently increased to get deeper into muscle tissue. Muscles, tendons, and fascia is stretched and adhesions are broken up and separated. If more focus is required on one area, other areas of the body may be skipped to allow for that time.


This is probably the most well-known type of massage. Typically is a full body massage, using longer smooth motions, focused on relaxing the mind and body. A few benefits of a Swedish massage are increased circulation and lymph movement, decreased stress, and decreased blood pressure.



30 minute



60 minute



90 minute

Was the best massage I’ve ever had
— Kathleen C

Spa and Specialty Services



Cupping is an ancient practice used in many different healing disciplines today. Cupping is used as a type of myofascial release. This technique works to break apart adhesion, fascia, and stuck tissue by bringing congested fluids up to the surface of the skin. These fluids can produce some discoloration in the skin called “sha” that may appear as a rash or a bruise. The sha fades within a day to a week and is a typical part of the cupping practice. I use silicone cups within your massage where I feel your body may benefit.

coconut scalp treatment

This amazing treatment is the cherry on the top of a glorious massage. When your massage is over and you are face up on the table, warm organic coconut oil will be massaged into your hair from roots to ends. This treatment is amazing for moisturizing the scalp and hair. It adds an extra 15 to 20 minutes to your treatment and will leave you feeling even more relaxed. You are welcome to leave the coconut oil in your hair for as long or as little as you’d like.

dry Scrub

A Dry Scrub adds 20 to 30 minutes to a treatment and is an amazing and exhilarating way to begin any massage. Using dry exfoliating gloves, every part of your skin is scrubbed. This does several things, first it removes all that dead skin that we hold onto especially as we age, leaving your skin silky soft. Then it warms up those muscles to get ready for the massage. It also increases circulation and stimulates the lymph system. The scrub is followed by whichever massage treatment you choose but always a full body as to make sure that newly exfoliated skin is generously moisturized.







Full disclosure: I am a massage therapist practicing in Oregon. Charlie provided the exact massage I requested, and my massage was everything I always hope to receive. Charlie and a colleague provided a terrific massage for myself, husband, and our two friends. Thank you!
— Judy M

Oil Upgrades


Deep Blue upgrade

Deep blue is a essential oil blend by doTERRA. This blend of oils provides a soothing massage for sore and achy muscles. The essential oils can get deep into the tissue helping the muscles to relax. The pure essential oil blend is combined with the massage oil during the entire massage. Then the deep blue rub is applied to particularly sore areas at the end of the massage.

Love Yourself Healing Oil upgrade

Love Yourself Healing Oil is a CHABA (Cannabis Health and Beauty Aid) oil by Cannabis Basics. This oil is infused with cannabis olive oil, and essential oils of lavender and tangerine. The benefits of this oil are many some including reducing anxiety, inflammation and muscle spasms,  relieves pain, and increases the time frame for the effects of massage. This and all of the topical Cannabis Basics products are less than .3% THC and are non-psychoactive.


Indulge in a delicious smelling essential oil of your choosing. Decide between Sweet Orange, Lavender, or Peppermint. The oil will be added to the massage oil and will be diffused under the table during your treatment. If there is another oil you have your heart set on or a particular blend you have fallen in love with please do not hesitate to request it, chances are I have it in stock.







We had such a great experience with Lake Chelan Mobile Massage. They were easy to schedule with, communicated clearly along the way, were prompt and professional and above all, gave a GREAT massage to all the women in our girl’s group.... I will definitely be rebooking when I go to Chelan again.
— Robin C